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The International Association of Golf Administrators (IAGA) is a growing body of golf administrators welcoming amateur golf associations from across the globe.

The IAGA was formed in 1968 to promote and conserve the best interests and the true spirit of the game of golf as embodied in its ancient and honorable traditions. With those pursuits in mind, the IAGA serves as a medium for golf administrators to exchange information, techniques and other data relating to the game of golf and establish channels of communication among all of the world's golfing fraternities.

Members are golf administrators of state and regional amateur golf associations and other invited national golf-related organizations. These administrators manage the affairs of their respective golf associations in various capacities. The IAGA has members from the United States Golf Association, Golf Canada, and most of the state and provincial golf associations throughout North America. Administrators from several other countries hold memberships as well.

The IAGA holds its annual meeting in early November. A host of IAGA members and guest speakers make presentations on golf-related topics. Breakout sessions allow members to interact and discuss specific problems in their fields, and a new Board of Directors is elected during the business meeting.

What is the International Golf Network (IGN)?
IGN is a network that allows participating associationsí members the ability to post scores when outside of their home area and have those scores transmitted back to their home association.
What types of membership does IAGA specify?
IAGA specifies three types of memberships: Regular, Associate and Affiliate.

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